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Caroline Abram began designing jewelry and accessories for the eyewear market in 1998: lorgnettes, magnifying glasses, chains, and more. Refreshing little-known items like lorgnettes quickly brought her international success. Awarded four gold Silmo awards, the Filao company opened its craft workshops in Dakar, where Caroline spent her childhood. There, she trained a team of women who produced all her accessory lines for 15 years. Caroline Abram uses a variety of materials, such as resin, silver, wood, and semi-precious stones.
During her travels, she discovered the charm of Florida, which prompted her to launch her own line of glasses in 2008, inspired by the charm of Miami. Her collection of prescription glasses is inspired by the sixties and vintage style, expressed in cat-eye shapes, colors, and extreme femininity. Caroline Abram's prescription glasses feature unconventional designs in which every woman can find herself and accentuate her character by choosing the model that suits her best!