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Varilux XR Progressive Lenses

Varilux XR Progressive Lenses
Seeing in a New Dimension
Your eyes move in various directions, and standard progressive lenses typically support linear movements, making it challenging to quickly change your focus. But that's a thing of the past with Varilux XR series™ lenses. They adapt to the natural movements of your eyes, providing you with unparalleled visual experiences.
Progressive glasses, spectacle lenses for every distance | Optique-Exclusive.plProgressive glasses, spectacle lenses for every distance |
Future-Ready Technology in Your Eyewea
Varilux XR lenses weren't designed by chance. Leveraging artificial intelligence and millions of data points collected from eyeglass wearers, we've created a digital avatar of each user, analyzed in a three-dimensional environment. This allows us to individually tailor the lenses to the visual behaviors of each user, not just based on the prescription. It's a revolution in optics, ensuring a perfect fit and comfort throughout the day.
Progressive glasses, spectacle lenses for every distance |
Sharp and Fluid Vision
Your life is filled with diverse tasks that require immediate visual clarity. Thanks to Varilux XR lenses, you'll experience instant focus in motion, with smooth transitions from close objects to distant views. This means greater concentration, stability, and a natural posture. Now, you can enjoy every detail of the world around you, no matter where you're looking.
Progressive glasses, spectacle lenses for every distance |
Three Innovative Essilor Technologies
in One Solution
Varilux XR series™ is the result of collaboration between three cutting-edge Essilor technologies:
Optimizes the lenses according to your prescription and predicted visual behavior, ensuring smooth and sharp vision like never before.
Minimizes distortions at the lens periphery, eliminating the sensation of "swimming" in dynamic situations and providing peace of mind.
Combines near and intermediate lens zones to deliver clarity at arm's length, enabling comfortable reading, smartphone use, and other daily activities.
Come to our Warsaw optical salon - OPTIQUE EXCLUSIVE® CENTER FOR PROGRESSIVE EYEWEAR. It's where professionalism and advanced technologies work together to care for your visual health.
Nowy Świat Street 6/12
Progressive glasses, spectacle lenses for every distance |
Progressive glasses, spectacle lenses for every distance |
Progressive glasses, spectacle lenses for every distance |
Schedule a Vision Examination Tailored to Your Needs
The examination procedure in our salon has been specially adjusted to meet our patients' expectations. Every step of the examination is detailed and discussed so you're fully aware of any changes that may occur in your vision. Our team is here to answer all your questions and address any doubts.

Additionally, in our salon, we use the latest equipment for measurements with progressive lenses, such as **Visioffice X**. This advanced measurement system provides precise data necessary to create Varilux XR lenses perfectly matched to your eyes.
Now is the best time to care for your eyes and enjoy a new dimension of vision.
We invite you to visit our salon, consult with our specialist, and experience how Varilux XR can transform your life. Discover the future of vision today with Varilux XR series™.
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This is a medical device. Use it according to the instructions for use or label.
Corrective lenses are a medical device intended mainly for the production of glasses that correct vision defects, after being assembled with a frame.
The entity responsible for this advertisement is Essilor Polonia Sp. z o. o. based in Warsaw.
The manufacturer of the advertised corrective lenses is Essilor International (representative: Essilor Polonia Sp. z o. o.)