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How to properly take care of glasses?

How to properly take care of glasses?Nowadays, glasses do not only correct the eyesight. This is an element of our styling, a wonderful design that emphasizes our individual style. And they should be taken care of in order to serve us in everyday use for as long as possible and to give them a unique character. Whether they are monofocal, progressive or sunglasses.

What should not be used to clean lenses?

Those who are busy, often performing this activity mechanically, wipe dirty glasses with a tissue or a wardrobe. That's not a good idea. Both wipes and clothes leave dust particles on the surface of the glass, which can cause microscratches. This directly translates into a deterioration in the quality of the glasses and as a result the glasses do not serve us optimally. In no way can the resulting scratches be removed, and it is they that cause the light to disperse and we see less clearly. Finally, you have to decide to buy another pair of glasses.

That's what we also shouldn't do: 

  • do not wash your glasses under hot water, which can devastate the frame,
  • the glasses cannot be cleaned with ammonia-containing fluids, e. g. window or mirror cleaner, they may wash off the antistatic coating,
  • it is good practice to avoid dry cleaning of glasses,
  • try not to use too much force to wipe the glasses, it can destroy the lenses and frames,
  • do not put glasses in pockets, handbags or backpacks without a case and do not put them down with lenses,
  • do not leave your glasses on the dashboard or on the radiators, this may cause their deformation.

Thorough cleaning of glasses is essential - why?

We wear glasses all day long, put them away in different places, touch them with our hands in different circumstances. It is necessary to care for them thoroughly. The best way to do this is to wash your glasses under running, lukewarm water. You can also use a dishwashing liquid or pH neutral soap. First apply the liquid to the glasses and then rinse them thoroughly under running water.

The second, equally good way to thoroughly wash your glasses is to use a special spray and microfibre tissue. It is important to remember that spray is better to apply on a handkerchief. This is due to the fact that the liquid sprayed into the lens apertures or the screw holes can adversely affect the glasses themselves. So let's apply the spray to the handkerchiefs, wipe the glasses off with them and dry thoroughly with a microfibre cloth.

It is worth to clean your temples and noses more often. These are the elements of the eyepieces that adhere to the skin the strongest and are the fastest to get dirty. So let's clean them for hygienic reasons, and wearing glasses will be more comfortable, glasses will not slip and will fit better.