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Progressive lenses




Each of us in everyday life values comfort. People in need of correction want to see clearly and thus feel comfortable using glasses. This is especially true for those who need far-reaching correction, such as driving, watching TV or seeing the number of an incoming bus, as well as near-by correction, so that they can read without problems or perform tasks that require precision. Therefore, they have to wear two pairs of glasses and change them each time they need to. On top of that, neither lenses nor lenses solve the problem of good vision at intermediate distances.



In this situation it is worth to think about progressive glasses, in which thanks to the smooth transition of power and wide field of vision it is possible to see correctly at any distance. Even the most demanding users will be satisfied with them. In our shop in Warsaw, we recommend lenses with the highest level of technological advancement, which include all parameters in detail. As a result, they make progressive spectacles the most personalized on the market, which translates into their quality and functionality.


Depending on the individual needs of the user, you can choose the type of construction of progressive glasses in our shop in Warsaw. So a different lens design will work for people who spend most of their time at the computer, and a different one for those who travel frequently while driving.


Taking care of our customers, apart from a precise vision test, we also conduct an interview, thanks to which we can help in choosing lenses adapted to the lifestyle of the recipient.




People with conditions such as:


  • strabismus
  • nystagmus
  • zimbalances
  • high degree of differential visibility


such a solution is not recommended.


We invite you to choose progressive glasses in our shop in Warsaw at Nowy Świat 6/12. We will take care of your eyesight and dispel all doubts.