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Progressive glasses - progressive lenses VARILUX® X SERIES™

 Varilux X lenses by Essilor

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 Clear vision at your fingertips 

The revolutionary Varilux X Series progressive glasses are dedicated to the very active X Generation. The current lifestyle of the aforementioned Generation X creates completely new visual needs.

Varilux X Series Progressive Lenses are innovative in their ultra-smooth power transitions and clear vision at all distances. The head movement is clearly reduced, so that the user of Varilux X Series progressive lenses is not forced to look for a clear point of view.

One pair of glasses, multiple distances 

Generation X does a lot more than Baby Boomers during the day. Desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, tablet, etc. require you to move and focus your eyes on different distances in a very short time. Would you like to perform multiple tasks at the same time in a simple and effective way? Nothing simpler than that! The revolutionary Varilux X Series progressive glasses will give you that.

A unique combination of three revolutionary technologies.

Varilux X Series progressive glasses are characterized by the fact that we are able to see every detail without any problems. All areas of vision - closer, at your fingertips, intermediate distances and far away - provide you with an extraordinary level of visual comfort. Perfect close-up vision is as wide as ever. Therefore, you no longer need to look for the right point of view. Choose Varilux X Series progressive glasses and experience the true comfort of progressive glasses!

Promotion of progressive glasses: second set of Varilux® lenses for free! 

Two pairs of progressive glasses is an extraordinary convenience nowadays. Now, thanks to the Varilux promotion, you can create your own unique multipara that meets all your expectations. Would you like to have progressive sunglasses and transparent glasses? Easy! 
Buy two prescription frames and two sets of progressive glasses for the price of one! Don't hesitate, give your eyes real comfort of vision.


We invite you to our store in Warsaw.

Our eyes perform extremely intensive work every day. Regular eye examination is recommended every 18 months. Visit our specialist who will professionally examine your eyesight, answer all your questions and dispel any doubts. During your visit, ask about the revolutionary Varilux X Series progressive glasses.



Progressive lenses VARILUX X SERIES.

Varilux X Series progressive lenses family includes:

Varilux® X design - has a very good visual quality, even in dynamic situations with standard frames.

Varilux® x design short - has the same features as Varilux X design, but for a narrow frame.

Varilux® X f360° - have all the features of its predecessors, plus personalization, which ensures an even higher quality of vision.

Varilux® 4d – Compared to the Varilux® X f360° version, they have one more personalisation parameter, taking into account which eye of the patient is dominant. This significantly improves the response time.

Varilux® Xclusive™ - It is characterised by a focus on individual visual behaviour during reading, which affects adaptation time and provides better access to near vision zones.

Varilux® Xclusive™4d - The most personalized progressive lens, focusing on physiological and behavioural data, results in the highest quality of vision.

Interesting fact

Did you know that Varilux X Series progressive glasses were developed in cooperation with 2742 people around the world?

All this in order to provide you with the highest possible satisfaction with the use of progressive glasses.Varilux X Series progressive glasses have been tested on a group of 295 users before being launched on the market. Different methodologies have been used, 2 types of tests have been combined, so that you can see the world in maximum comfort.


Generation X, compared to Baby Boomers, is more active, creating new visual needs.

Until now, even premium progressive lenses have not been able to provide 100% vision comfort in close proximity and intermediate distances.

Varilux® X series™, drawing on Nanoptix® and Synchroneyes® technologies and changing the way Xtend™ technology calculates the visual proximity, can offer the user an extended field of vision within the reach of the hand. Users can see every detail effortlessly, both within and outside the reach of a hand. You no longer need to look for the right point in the lens to see clearly!

95% users experience complete satisfaction when using the revolutionary Varilux X Series progressive glasses

Consumers confirm the effectiveness of the Varilux® X series™ in practice - as much as 9/10 says that they no longer need to move their heads to see clearly


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