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Please read our guide in order to choose the most appropriate lenses for your needs.



In OPTIQUE EXCLUSIVE you will find lenses produced by Essilor - a world leader in design, manufacture and customization of the highest quality lenses. Below we present a description of the coatings and materials enriching lenses that provide comfort at work and aesthetic appearance of your glasses.

Nowadays, more and more people complain about eye fatigue associated with working in front of computer screen. It is known that long and continuous use of computers can have serious consequences, such as headaches, concentration difficulties, blurred vision or eye strain.




Essilor computer lenses are the perfect solution to the above problems, providing greater comfort for computer users  and combining the following advantages:

• customized vision correction

• reduction of reflections, thanks to the Crizal coating

• increased visual comfort, thanks to Amberelax tint





The computer screen produces high-contrast light intensity which means that more of aggressive light enters the eyes. Moreover screen constant contrast change requires important effort from your eyes while looking at the LCD monitor. The Amberelax tint brings a strong added value. On the one hand, naturally poor contrasts on screen are boosted and on the other hand the color perception remains very good for the wearer. Additionally it ensures natural vision effect  screen without eye strain. 






Optifog lenses deliver unique lens technology that gives long lasting fog free vision without loss of contrast. In addition, the lens reduce glare and is scratch resistant. The solution is very useful when entering from a cold to a warm environment, during sports, while drinking hot meals, cooking and when the work requires precise vision and safety.





First on the market transparent lens coating that maximize eye protection against UV rays, reflected from both front and back surfaces of the lens. In addition, Crizal Forte offers a long lasting transparency with 99% of light transmission and very discreet residual reflection color. With its unique technology, Crizal Forte lenses are extremely resistant to scratches, they have also easy cleaning coating, and the ability to repel water so that the rain on the lens will not distort the image. The most advanced anti-reflective coating on the market for customers seeking the best products





High quality anti-reflective coating combines anti-static properties with a new premium level of dust repellence. The product will satisfy users main expectations such as: smudge resistance, scratch resistance and anti-reflection. Crizal Alize + is the best solution for demanding customers. 




 Trio Clean coating has exactly the same parameters as Trio coating but with additional easy cleaning coating. Due to the additional coating the lens gets 50% less smudge. The ideal solution for price sensitive customers. 




Trio is a basic anti-reflective coating. It ensures good vision contrast thanks to small amount of light reflection. Moreover it provides an aesthetic appearance. This is a good solution for customers looking for an affordable price.









Organic materials are subject to continuous development and  are being used increasingly instead of glass. Lighter, thinner, with better scratch and impact resistance, they completely revolutionized life of glasses users.


LINEIS (Index 1.74)

The thinnest organic lenses on the market, ideal for all vision correction. 50% thinner than standard lenses, and 3 times lighter than mineral lenses. The flattest lens on the market which does not change the shape of the eye (reduction of eye magnification) especially recommended for people with with strong corrections and for users looking for a modern and aesthetic products.


STYLIS (Index 1.69)

Very thin lenses combine discretion and elegance. 40% thinner and six times more durable than the standard lens, moreover they do not change the eye shape. Recommended for all correction, even the smallest one, as well as for each type of frames, and thus they are suitable for each user category. Proposed for people interested in elegance, fashion and modern products.


ORMIX (Index 1.6)

Thin and comfortable. 30% thinner than standard lenses. Completely transparent, very high optical quality. For each eye diseases. For those looking for aesthetic lenses.

AIRWEAR (Index 1.59)

The lightest, highly durable lens. 30% thinner and 12 times more durable than standard lenses and high resistance to impacts. Recommended for people with active lifestyles who value comfort, protection and aesthetics. Especially recommended for children's vision correction.

ORMA (Index 1.5)

Basic organic lens for every user. Very good optical quality and UV protection. Recommended for those who are looking for an economic lens. Using good quality sunglasses lens is extremely important. Not all sunglasses lenses are equal. Ordinary lenses, despite the fact that they protect your eyes from the blinding light, does not necessarily offer 100% UV protection. In this case, the pupil expands, letting more light into the eye, and thus more harmful UV rays. Under certain conditions, the radiation may be even more dangerous: in summer, when the UV index is higher, between 11:00-15:00 or at specific locations where the UV reflection may increase. Essilor offers a complete sun protection for your eyes. Traditional sunglasses lens reflect UV rays from the inner surface of the lens, while Essilor offers Crizal Sun coating which was designed to eliminate both glare and UV rays reflected from the back surface of the lens.



• reduction of glare,

• natural color perception

• unusual sharpness and contrast

• reduction of sunshine



                 Standard lenses                                     Xperio lenses


Xperio polarized lenses are proposed to anyone who needs protection from UV rays both monofocal as well as progressive. They are available in three colors:




Transitions XTRAactive - the darkest adoptive lens. In addition they darken behind the car window and remain slightly tinted in closed spaces. Available with Crizal anti-reflective coating in gray color.

Transitions will automatically adapt to the light conditions indoors and outdoors. They are perfectly transparent interior (95% of light transmission) and they darken quickly in sunlight (in less than 60sekund). Available in brown and gray with Crizal coating.

See how it works:



Varilux lenses invented in 1959, by Bernard Maitenaza, were the first progressive lenses on the market and became a leading global brand in the optical world. Currently, they are the most recommended progressive lenses in the world. They offer excellent quality of vision and therefore the number of satisfied customers continues to grow. Varilux lenses allow all presbyopins regain natural vision at all distances. Essilor launched a range of innovative lenses, Varilux S series, a complete range of products developed for a specific purpose - the elimination of the major limitations and drawbacks, which were associated with the use of progressive lenses.



The most technologically advanced product. Eyeglasses users care both about the sharpness of the image and dynamic vision. However, even people who use the most advanced progressive lenses feel limitations in certain situations. Varilux S 4D lens sets the revolutionary approach to progressive lens personalization due to an important parameter: the response time.