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Michael Kors ,,MK


The latest collection now available in Optique Exclusive.


Los Angeles never L.A. Always. New York never, New York forever.

Michael Kors is a brand based on subtleties, and as it turns out, these may be true giants.

It is primarily an American icon aesthetics. Founded by one of the best ambassadors of the great American designers,, the old guard. "It's next to Oscar de La Renta, Ralph Lauren, Carolina Herrera and Diane von Furstenberg created the foundations of the American way of thinking about urban fashion. Far from the style of old Hollywood, in love with the city. Not so much in what in metropolis. Far from the style of old Hollywood, in love with the city. Not so much in what in metropolis. Jeje most lively center, relentless pace of life, constantly running, an affirmation of luxury and harmonious beauty. That's all he is doing is bathed in glow of the lights, wall mirror that reflects the most expensive skyscrapers, marble entrance to the top hotels, metallic paint limousines, yachts and pearl shell urban helicopters. It was the start of their loud sound and accompanying wind provoked by the ultra-fast propeller is the strongest and the best introduction to the aesthetics of everything his name endorses Michael Kors.










Blue cloudless sky, turquoise lakes, green trees of Central Park as seen from the air. Crystal clear glass panels that make up the apartment up to the stars. And in all the people who are not afraid of life, travel, reaching for more and harder. They want the beauty and receive them. Do not play their decomposition and deconstruction. Renaissance beauty is to be clean, but never vulgar and shoddy. That is the enormous subtlety - Michael Kors sells aesthetic lifestyle of the American dream, about the life of 'high', lives in the clouds and drawn from this joy. Doing it with a soft, tasteful way. It gives something that everyone wants - a sense of luxury. Defined in a truly American, but perfectly tasty way. That is why always L.A and New York. And names of certain things can not be embedded in a different context than the vernacular. Let it be. In this their whole charm and style



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