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Luxury Ambassador Program

Luxury Ambassador
The Optique Exclusive Center for Progressive Lenses was awarded the honorary title of Luxury Ambassador, thus joining the elite group of the most exclusive optical salons in Poland. What distinguishes them is not only the selective range of brands, but above all the attention paid to the creation and functioning of the boutique. Because the name of the boutique and its meaning is the essence of what is hidden under the title Luxury Ambassador.

There is no room for coincidence in these salons, and all the elements that make up the space are carefully thought out and follow the highest quality principle. Here you will find the latest collections of fashion houses and designers such as Chanel, Bvlgari, Dolce&Gabbana, Miu Miu, Persol and Prada. Their exposure strictly follows the principles of the brand's DNA, creating the best context to learn about it.

The boutique staff knows perfectly well not only the current inspirations on which the collection was based, but also the history of the brand - skilfully using facts and metaphors lying at the source of the most high fashion. With a real passion, it not only helps to choose frames on the level of their shape, colour and pattern, but also character or personality. This makes the customer fully identify himself with the acquired frame.

The most important principles of functioning of these stores are constant improvement, tracking trends, overtaking them, setting them in the surrounding reality and the needs of customers. We make sure that our collections are as up-to-date as possible and consistent with what is currently desired. Finally, or maybe it is the most important thing - to make sure that purchasing the frames is not a purely practical activity, but a contact with the world of fairy tales that great designers and designers dream of, because in fact, glasses and all accessories are often the most accessible path to the world of real fashion.

To provoke a sense of true pleasure in getting to know it is a mission that the Luxury Ambassador Club has set itself as one of its strongest ambitions.

Optique Exclusive
Center for progressive lenses



Certyfikat "Ambasador Luksusu" - Marta Olejnik Certyfikat "Ambasador Luksusu" - Marcin Jakubowski Certyfikat "Ambasador Luksusu" - Sebastian Pikuliński