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Loyalty program






The best loyalty program in the optical market




Optique Club is a prestigious loyality program prepared especially for our regular Customers.


Join this elite group and have access to the world's best eyeglass brands:



Gain the special privillages - attractive, constant discounts up to 15% on purchases in all our stores, as well as additional benefits packages! We have also for you the other special awards, such as vouchers access to news and special offers. About all you find out the first. 



Rules of the program:


As part of the loyalty program, we assign constant discounts depending on the amount of paid orders in our stores. Being our regular Customer or even joining this elite group, you have the option of buying with a constant discount reaching up to 15% off (new!) the regular price in stores. Every purchase brings you closer to the next, even more attractive discount.


Discounts are given according to the following thresholds:


That's not all. Depending reached threshold, we reward our regular Customers also with additional benefits. 

New! Take advantage of special prevention program. For us the most important thing is to care for your sight.








How do I join the Optique Club?

To become a member of the Optique Club, simply create an account on:,, or 


When will I get a discount?

Immediately after reaching a certain threshold. The discount depends on the the value of orders paid in our stores. Discount is activated automatically when the sum of payments posted for all orders made ​​by you, reaches a certain threshold. Thus, you have a chance to get attractive discount already on your next purchases, provided that shopping a certain amount.


How will my discount be calculated?

Discount applies to the total value/amount of all your, so far, completed and paid orders - calculation is done from the time of first purchase. Discount is calculated automatically on the Customer's account, in case of online shopping - after sending the product to the Participant and the regulation of payment and for purchases in store - after the release of the goods and the payment by the Participant. The system calculates discounts after completion and payment of order (if previously selected cash on delivery payment option). When the order status changes to "completed", your discount will be counted than.


I would like to take advantage of discount shopping, how can I do this? 

Your discount is calculated automatically from the first moment as you sign up for the store - so once you see your new, lower price! If they make a purchase in our stores Optique Pl. Trzech Krzyży 18 Warsaw, Optique Galeria Mokotów Wołoska 12 Warsaw, Optique Exclusive ul. Nowy Świat 6/12 Warsaw, Optique Exclusive ul.Krupówki 29 Pasaż Fashion Street Zakopane- personally by the Seller, just put your personal login. At the same time all the data about the current rebates are calculated once every 24 hours (or longer).


How to check the current discount? 

Access to data on height discount you have through your account on,, lub .


Are discounts communicate with each other? 

As part of our promotional activities we offer products at reduced prices (eg 5% discount on all products) or in attractively priced sets. In such situations, the loyalty program rebates do not add up to the rebates and promotional discounts are not calculated into the price of sets. However, our system always compares that discount is beneficial for the client and a fix for it! Example: Optiquel introduced a promotion with a 5% discount on the product. The customer is, however, in the loyalty 15% discount - the system will charge him the same discount of 15% (as it is higher than the discount promotion).





















Terms used in these Terms and Conditions means:


  1. Terms and Conditions - means the present rules, which specifies the rules for the Loyalty Program called "OPTIQUE CLUB", in particular the rights and obligations of the Participant in connection with his participation in the Program and the rights and obligations of the Organiser,

  2. Program - means the loyalty program (optional sales), in force in the Republic of Polish as a Loyalty Program "OPTIQUE CLUB",

  3. Organizer - Glaser Group Sp. z o.o.  PL.Trzech Krzyży 18, 00-499 Warsaw, Poland, District Court. St. Warsaw, XII Commercial Division of Capital: 10000 PLN KRS 0000475410, EU VAT number: NIP: 7010393453, REGON: 473221163, phone:  +48 8888 00000.

  4. Program Participant - means a natural person who is 18 years old and have full legal capacity, which has the correct registration in the Program and has access to the Member's account on the Website Program. The participants of the program can not be employees of the Promoter, and members of their families and the closest.

  5. Website Program - means the websites of shops located at the following addresses:,, and (hereinafter referred to as "Shop or online shops"), to which the participant will receive access by the Participant's account, based on an individual user ID and password you created when applying for participation in the Program, including information about orders, the amount of the current discount and Registration Form and Terms and Conditions.

  6. Stacionary store - means any stationary shops: OPTIQUE Pl. Trzech Krzyży 18, 00 – 496 Warsaw, OPTIQUE EXCLUSIVE, ul. Nowy Świat 6/12, 00 – 496 Warsaw.

  7. Registration Form - Application form for participation in the program contained on the Website Program, containing a statement of accession to the Programme Participant.






  1. The purpose of the Program is to grant the participants who have made proper application for participation in the Program, the benefit of the discount and additional benefits, specifically indicated herein.

  2. Second program is directed to the Participants purchasing goods in shops and online stores stationary at:,, and, on the Polish territory.

  3. Application to the Program constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

  4. Regulations in force from the moment of its announcement on the Website Program.

  5. Content of the Regulations is made available to all participants in Stores stationary and on online stores pages:,, and

  6. The current is currently published on the Website Program version of the Regulations. Regulations in force from the moment of its publication on the Website of the Programme, subject to Chapter VIII of the Regulations.

  7. Rules apply only to Participants who have an active username and password to access the Website Program.

  8. Participation in the program is free and voluntary.

  9. Participants may join the program only once.

  10. Violation of the Participant Rules of Procedure, provides a basis for exclusion from the program, which notifies the Participant Organizer indicated on the Registration Form email address.

  11. Except for the changes in the Regulations, the Organizer has the right to make changes to the materials contained on the Website Program without prior notification to the Participant.

  12. Each participant in the event of changes to the data indicated in the Registration Form is required to update the data, during the entire participation in the Program, in accordance with current facts.




  1. Day of commencement of the Program is the moment of the publication of the Regulations on the Website Program.

  2. Participants may join the program at any time.

  3. The organizer reserves the right to make changes in the Rules and suspension and termination of the Program at any time without giving reasons, using only the conditions of information and notifications Participants in the manner specified in the Regulations.

  4. In the case of suspension or termination of the Program, this information will be communicated to participants, at least thirty (30) days before the date of suspension or termination of the Program, through appropriate announcement on the Website and Program Participant notice of that fact to the email address indicated in the Form registration.

  5. In the event of termination or suspension of the program, the resulting discount and services granted to the Participant, may ultimately be used within 30 (thirty) days from the date of termination or suspension of the program. After the expiry of the period referred to in the preceding sentence, the Participant shall not be entitled to take advantage of discount or additional services.




  1. The condition of the Programme on the basis of the Participant is a correct assumption Participant's account ("Register") in at least one online store. For this purpose, the Participant is obliged to send to the organizer filled in completely and truthfully Registration Form.

  2. Participant Program may not be a person who does not have assumed the Member's account or reported during the registration process, incomplete or inaccurate data.

  3. Joining the Programme means that the Participant has read and agrees to the provisions of the Regulations.

  4. Beginning of participation in the Program is the day the notice of correct verification Participant Registration Form.

  5. The organizer reserves the right to verify the negative Registration Form, within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date of shipment, which will inform the submitting Registration Form given in the Registration Form email address.

  6. Placing an order after the account of the Participant is tantamount to joining the Program as a Participant.

  7. Username and password to access the Website Program uniquely identify the Participant in the Programme Participant establishes them yourself when filling out the Registration Form.

  8. Participant is obliged to use the ID and / or password to access the Website Program solely for your own access and not disclose them to third parties.

  9. Participant shall be liable for damage caused by a third party, resulting from the disclosure of ID and / or password to access the Member's account on the Website Program.






1. Joining the Program entitles the Participant to make purchases in stores and stationary shops online with a fixed discount and the use of additional services provided to the Participant by the Promoter on the terms specified in the Regulations.

2. The amount of permanent correction granted to the Participant specify thresholds discount, depending on the sum of their purchases. The discount is calculated from the second purchase.

3. By "purchasing" means:

a. in the case of one-stop shopping from online stores - after sending the goods to the Participant and posted on the organizer's bank account to pay the full price for the goods, in the absence of withdrawal by the Participant;

b. when shopping in store - after the release of the goods and the payment is made whole price of the goods in the absence of withdrawal by the Participant;

4. "Thresholds discount 'are respectively:

a. making a purchase for an amount (from 0.00 to 1,000.00 PLN) net - no discount;

b. making a purchase for an amount (from 1000.01 to 3000.00 PLN) net - a discount of 5%;

c. making a purchase for an amount (from 3000.01 to 5000.00 PLN) net - 10% discount;

d. making a purchase for an amount (from 5,000.01 to 10,000.00) Dollars, net - 15% discount;

e. making a purchase for an amount (above 10,000.00) Dollars, net - 15% discount and an additional package of services Optique VIP Shopping.


5. Participant will be given a permanent discount in the amount specified above only after exceeding a certain Threshold discount. Discount activated automatically when the sum of all payments posted Purchases Made by the participant reaches a certain threshold discount.

6. Standing Discount refers to the total sum of all purchasing Made from the moment of accession by the Participant to the Programme. Information on Purchasing Made and thus the height of the Standing off by the Organizer are updated every 24 hours.

7. Making a Purchase Any Participant in the course of the Program, will be tantamount to accrue on the account of the Participant adequate amount in order to qualify the participant to a certain threshold discount and the allocation to the Participant one of the four Packages Additional Services.

8. Depending on the threshold of the discount earned, the participant will be certified by the Organizer to one of four categories Participants (SILVER, GOLD, VIP). For each category, the Participant is assigned a corresponding package of additional services.

9. Packages of additional services include:


a. in the case of a discount of 5% - Free Service Package includes: lighting adjustment, the correct setting angle fittings, check, control and security of bolted joints and hinges, lens protection and cleaning glasses ultrasound , - free Prophylactic Program including: free preventive vision test once a year( SILVER PACKAGE);

b. in the case of a discount of 10% - Free Service + package, including: services in the Package Service plus a free service replacement of worn parts, ie. lugs, terminals, temples, screws; - free Prophylactic Program+  including: Prophylactic  Program services plus free testing, selection and fitting of contact lenses (GOLD PACKAGE);

c. in the case of a discount of 15%, while making purchases on the amount above 10,000 net - Free Package Service +, free Prophylactic  Program+, plus free replacement lenses polarized or non-polarized and an additional package of Services Optique VIP Shopping comprising: try on 20 pairs of specially selected for the Customer spectacles, spectacle stylist consultation, selection of corrective lenses and contact lenses to prescription, regulation and matching glasses to customer needs, in the location specified by the customer in the City of Warsaw (VIP PACKAGE);

10. Participant provides access to information about Made shopping, discount and obtained thresholds Package granted by the Participant's account on the sides of the online stores.

11. In the case of non-compliance made ​​by the Participant purchases and the amount collected on account of the Participant, the Participant is obliged to lodge a complaint.

12. The participant uses a fixed discount awarded to him in the following manner:

a. when making procurement of goods in online store - after logging in, the price of goods displayed for the user include the constant discount Participant and displayed to the participant after the correction;

b. when making purchases in store - Participant is obliged to give the transaction before your username Sellers, the Seller after verifying the Participant's entitlement to a permanent discount, the Participant will charge a fixed discount to the retail price of the goods;

13. In the event of the Participant's return purchased goods, the value of purchasing in the Participant's account shall be reduced in such a way as if the Participant has made no purchase.

14. Standing discount obtained within the program can not be combined with other promotions, reductions and / or programs Organizer. In the case of the confluence of the Standing discount received by the Participant and other promotion Organizer of a specific good, the mechanisms of online stores automatically compare the price of goods and choose a better price for the Participant.

 15. Participant may exercise the right to granted him a permanent discount and additional services as part of packages, for the entire duration of the Programme. In the event of termination of the Program, the Participant shall be entitled to exercise the right to permanent discount and additional services for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of completion of the Program, later obtained a permanent discount and package of additional services will be canceled, and the Participant will not have the right to use them. Information on termination of the Program will be given by the organizer to the participant, by placing it on the Website Program for thirty (30) days before the date of completion of the program.

16. Participant Eligibility for permanent discount and package of additional services is not transferable. Discounts obtained by various Participants can not be combined. Unused rebate and additional services can not be exchanged for any compensation.




  1. Participant may withdraw from the program at any time, without any liability to the Organiser, which should inform the Organizer in a written statement to be delivered to the address specified in the Regulations Organizer. Upon service of the notice of resignation discounts and additional services obtained by the Participant will be canceled and the account will be closed.




  1. Participants' personal data administrator is the organizer.

  2. Organizer guarantees that it will comply with applicable laws regarding the collection, processing and use of personal data.

  1. By filling out the Registration Form, Participants grant the Organiser expressly consent to the processing of personal data and made ​​available to entrust their processing, in connection with the Program, in order to calculate discount, for analytical purposes, statistical and marketing.

  2. Data Participants will be treated as confidential, will be at the sole disposal of the Organizer and / or entities entrusted the organizer processing under the agreement.

  3. Each participant has the unrestricted right of access to their personal data, may require rectification and / or deletion.

  4. Data other than personal data Participant, as the information provided by cookies are typically collected and stored in the so called server log files. These data do not pose a direct indication of the identity of the Participant and shall be used only for anonymous traffic analysis Website Program and other statistical purposes.

  5. The Organiser is committed to protecting the personal data of the Participant, to the extent provided by law.




  1. The organizer reserves the right to make changes in the Rules and suspension and termination of the Program at any time and without giving reasons, using only the conditions of information and notifications Participants in the manner specified in the Regulations.

  2. In the case of amendments to the Regulations, the new Regulations will be made ​​available to participants using the Website Program, at least 7 (seven) days prior to its entry into force, by announcing the Regulations on the Website Program and by notice to the Participants in the e-mail addresses indicated in the Registration Form.

  3. In connection with the change of the Rules, the Participant shall be entitled to withdraw from participation in the Program. In this case, the participant is required to submit to the Organizer's address written statement of resignation, within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of being notified by the organizer to change the Rules. In case of cancellation participant is obliged to use discount and additional services on terms and within identical to the completion of the Programme. In the case in which the Participant within the abovementioned period not to resign from participation in the Program, it is assumed that the Participant has accepted a total change in the Regulations.




  1. Any complaints due to organized Program may be submitted in writing to the Organiser for the entire duration of the Programme, but no later than within 30 days from the date of transfer of a permanent discount. Complaints submitted after the deadline will not be considered. A written complaint should contain full details of registration and the full address of the Participant and the description and reason for complaint, and should be sent as an email to or registered mail to the address of the organizer, prior to the deadline referred to in the preceding sentence.

  2. The Organizer shall consider the proposed complaint, within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt of the complaint and, depending on the form of the claim in writing or by e-mail will inform the applicant of the position. The date of lodging the complaint and the response shall be the date specified by the postmark or the date of receipt of the email.




  1. First participant is obliged to observe the provisions of these Regulations.

  2. In the event that the Organiser that the participant does not comply with the Regulations, the Organizer is entitled to exclude a Participant from the Program, which will notify the participant indicated on the registration form via email.

  3. In the situation described in point 2 above, the Organizer will be entitled to the right to seek reimbursement of costs incurred and claims for damages arising out of damage they suffered Organizer, by act or omission of the Participant breach of the Rules.

  4. Participant is obliged to inform the Organizer to change any of the data included in the Registration Form.

  5. All notices and correspondence between the Organizer and the Participants, subject to the conditions specified in the Regulations, will be conducted electronically, and for Participant electronic correspondence address is the email address provided in the Registration Form, and the Organizer will be the email address

  6. Organizer is not responsible for the consequences of giving the Participant false and / or incomplete and / or outdated data.

  7. Redress through the courts are entitled to the Participant, having exhausted the complaints procedure set out in the Regulations, before the general court of competent jurisdiction.


    Terms and Conditions published on 23.06.2014 r.